Tuesday, June 11, 2013


oh boy this is late! Well I graduated last weekend! it was warm, but I am grateful it was not this weekend where it's been 110 degrees! The class of 2013 was a good class. We were crazy, yes. Food fights, bomb threats, over achieving AP students, getting better at sports, but really a good class:) here are a few photos from the day!

So this girl right here has been a beautiful, wonderful blessing in my life. She's been by my side this whole year. Heavenly Father knew we needed each other in two classes this year. (He tried to put us in three, but He must have figured two would work!) We literally talked all period, both periods, some days. We've shared our deepest selves, laughed at weird things, and held each other up when we needed it the most. I am so grateful for my darling Shayli and know we will keep in touch. She will be blessed with so much in life and I have faith that all will work out. I love you darling!<3
So this beautiful woman has grown up so so much! She has already made it! Finishing culinary school, has a wonderful job. And she still takes time to hang out with me and be the wonderful best friend that she is. We kinda just understand and get each other. I know I can always count on her to be there for me in hard times and in good ones. Watching movies, going out to breakfast, making dinner. So many memories, and so much love! I am grateful to have her in my life and can't wait to see where life takes her! I love you so much my Chelle<3

 This beautiful girl has taught me so much this year. I love her to pieces! We really are the best of friends. Sometimes we seem like an unlikely couple, but seriously. We're awesome. I love having her around, laughing at funny things, melting in the heat, emotional shoe shopping. Whatever it is! She's been a blessing that I am so grateful for! I am proud of all she's done. I love her like a sister and can't wait to see where life takes her. I just know I'd better be in it! Love you always princess<3

Miriam is a truly amazing and talented woman! She was my "Anne" in the Miracle Worker, and a dear friend after that. She is so funny and quirky and beautiful. She knows how to bring a smile to everyone's face and brighten any day! She is a talented actress, technician, student, and a wonderful friend. I know she will go far in life and be blessed in all she does! Love you Miri!<3

This wonderful girl is such a huge example to me! She tries to make every situation a positive one. She loves to be close to her Heavenly Father and to feel the Spirit. She brings that into other people's lives. She is gifted in so many ways! I am grateful to have had her in my life these past 8 years! She is a wonderful friend, a strong woman, and beautiful to boot! I know life will bring huge blessings! I love you Rhiannon!<3

Goodness gracious! Isn't she just so gorgeous? My dear Madison knows how to make everyone and anyone laugh! She is sweet, kind, and fun to be around. She makes up the best songs on the spot, is a talented writer and actress, she takes everything life throws at her in full stride, has amazing theme music, and is just wonderful. We've been through a lot together, but I am forever grateful to be her friend. I know life will take her to amazing places and she will be blessed! I wish the best for her family as well! She is amazing. I love you Madds<3

There really isn't enough room to explain how wonderful, beautiful, talented, and positively amazing this woman is. really. She has brought me pure joy every day! I love to be around her. I love to do her hair and to feel her sweet embrace around me. From tears to laughs, I have grown to love this girl with all of my heart. Seriously! She is just so.. SPECTACULAR! I am in awe at her strength. I am strengthened by her testimony. I am grateful for her friendship. I will always be by her side because you just can't have someone so amazing any where else. I love her so much! I can't wait to be there when she gets married because I just have to. And of course every other moment. Thanks for all you are and do! I love you dearly Katie darling!!<3 (PS Sorry this pic is blurry:P )

MR. Q!!! The best teacher ever. I had Mr. Q two years as a student and this year as his TA. I've known him all 4 years of high school, and let me tell you, that was SUCH a blessing! He has taught me discipline, leading by example, laughter, fun, and doing the best in all you can. He has always made me feel special and given me the strength to continue pushing through. I know I've told him this like a million times, but he just made my high school years so perfect. I loved working with him and am so grateful for people like Mr. Q. I can't wait to see all he has ahead of him in the future. I'll keep you updated on how life goes for me! Thanks for being you!!

And of course my parents! Life isn't always easy and I'm not always the most patient and compliant daughter. But my parents still love me. And I know they always, ALWAYS will. They want me to be happy. They care about me and want what's best for me. I've shared plenty of laughs and fun memories with them. I am grateful for their love for me and support throughout my high school years. I love this picture. It makes me so happy! It's beautiful and shows their love for me. I love you guys so much!!<3

 I made it and I am excited for the future:) working at JCPenney, Mission bound, BYU-I cosmetology school, getting married, all that fun stuff;) It's weird to think we're all kind of adults in a real world. Still seems like we're playing dress up sometimes.
To the future!!