Sunday, September 9, 2012

a penny for my thoughts

college. photography. michelle.. rocket blower. divine nature. dinner for 2 weeks. signatures. application. essay. missing work. piano. working out. mom. pictures. dance team. bows. temple. crysta. future. seminary. water. no more sugar. run. jasmine.. tuesday. film. runny nose. 736 miles. regrets. katie. young women in excellence. done by october. mouth shut. smile. snap. choreography. priest/laurel activity. movies. dance. how to train your dragon. music. ipod. homework. vocab. psychology. english. 9am-12pm. 6:00. tuesday-thursday. project due friday. character matters. clean room. eat. waiting for the text that i know wont come. goodbyes. journal. 105, 112. 10 days. girls night. abc photos. hair. iphone. byu or byui. career. lonely. nathan. healthy. quiet. so you think you can dance times 3. game. singles ward. 18. how does she do it? money. scholarships. pray. keys. laundry. thrift stores. job. march. text bekah. tears. charise.. red head. thanks. sleep. 3:45. samuel french. theatre talent award. forget. ouch. stomach. 1 million uploads. popsicle sticks. mac book. notes. necklace. happy jar. pretend. efy. christmas. driving. ctr ring. mutual. husband. wash car. hands. writing. scared. doctor.

ahh.. breathe.


so this year i have the fabulous opportunity to be part of the yearbook class.
well. mostly fantastic.
it's gotten better.. but hey! i guess it could be worse!

anywho! it's great because i really get to learn/practice more on my photography skills! it's great! :) as a class, last week we had the opportunity to go to a yearbook conference Jostens (our publisher) set up and attend a few sessions of either writing or photography. i went to both the beginning and the advanced photo classes, and i loved it!!
our teacher was mike mclean who is typically an outdoor photographer. not landscape, but people out door. he has a unique view of the world, just like everyone else. but it was a lot of fun to learn from him.
anyway. most important things i learned:
be spontaneous
see as the camera sees
fill the frame!
keep the subject occupied
I NEED A SENSOR CLEANER! oh and filters. just uv ones. need. now.
off brand lenses are not a bad thing, as long as they're compatible
meter modes
there are some really cool things you can do with zoom!!
again SPONTANEOUS!! have fun:)

i loved it! can't wait to learn more!

"good photographers go to ordinary events and bring back extraordinary photographs."


ps. i need to clean my sensor. there are dust spots in the camera:( ill do that soon! hopefully tomorrow and we can start seeing photos up here again!