Sunday, July 7, 2013

big leagues

well, I have had wonderful opportunities lately that have totally boosted my confidence like 1000%. It's totally awesome!

1. I was asked to do someone's hair for their wedding. she was a BRIDE. on her WEDDING DAY! and the next day for the reception! AHH IT WAS AWESOME! I felt so cool! I would love to do hair for a living! gah I can't wait to go to school for it!

2.  a lovely blog follower and old friend has seen my work with hair and asked me to do her hair for a fancy wedding she was going to. and makeup! hooray! I've been getting more into makeup recently (thanks pinterest) and was excited to put it to practice!
3. I've been asked to photograph a wedding. holy popsicle sticks a wedding. I'm totally completely nervous about it, but I've got til the 20th to pinterest myself up and learn what to do!

In other interesting news!

Jasmine visited. my sweet darling best friend whom I love so much came to visit! haha we are definitely craaazy, but I love her so much. We've already decided to take pre-mission photos together since she will be going on one too, rooming together in college, be in eachother's weddings, and live in an old folks home together. okay maybe not the old folks home, but you get the point. we just have to be together! I love her so much<3

My daddy has also been called to serve as a bishop for our ward. It's already a huge blessing in our lives. My grandparents came down to visit, which was pretty awesome. It's a possibility that I will be his first missionary! I'm getting shots and dental stuff done in the next few weeks and then I'll send off my papers to HQ and my call will be here before I know it! YAY!! I am so excited to serve the Lord. I know He is real and this is what He wants me to do.

I'll keep posting, but for now, keep smiling! <3