Wednesday, August 7, 2013

like mother, like daughter

So the past month was a pretty crazy one at my house! Mom was gone for at least half of it at funerals, legoland, and Young Women's camp. Obviously I survived taking care of my brothers (and my dad) but seriously, my mom deserves the superhero of the year award or something. Hopefully just a blog post will suffice!

Things I had to do by myself while my mom was gone:
  • make tacos (twice!)
  • watch someone else's kids to help a friend out
  • get the boys to clean...
  • go grocery shopping
  • work
  • clean all 3 bathrooms
  • wash dishes (A LOT!!)
Things I can't believe mom gets done all in one day:
  •  refer to list above
  • everything else

SERIOUSLY! Mother how do you do it?! She is such a wonderful beautiful person that means the world to me. She is kind to everyone, thoughtful, patient, hard working, fun, charitable thrifty, crafty, talented, uplifting, spiritual, strong; she's just all around amazing! I am so grateful to have her as my mother and friend. I love her very very much. I hope I can become even half the superhero she is someday!

Love you always momma! <3