Sunday, June 24, 2012


well, I'm not at home. I'm currently crashed on the couch at my aunts house, laughing with my jazmatazz, pinteresting, and jazzy's texting random numbers (people we know!) saying: I hid the body. Bahahah it probably shouldn't be as funny as it is, but we're having a blast. can't wait for efy tomorrow! little nervous, but I'm super excited!

but that's just random stuff, kinda entertaining. not all that important. I guess I just wanted to talk about me tonight. not conceited. just here's my thoughts, my dreams, all that.

church today really hit me hard. we were visiting a married couples student ward, and the couple that spoke in sacrament meeting were adorable. they had that cute "we've-been-married-8-months-and-we're-obviously-totally-in-love" look. the kiss after she gave hers to say "great job". and I realized how much I want that. that temple marriage and total support. the husband that is a STUD return missionary (his talk was awesome). to hold hands and never really have to let go. I just.. I want that.

I'm ready for college. byui. 2 years. associates in general eds. boys! dance classes. photography. I'm just so excited! being on my own (well with roommates), doing what I want, setting my own routine. I cannot wait for that day.
and then a mission! that'll be awesome! if I could go anywhere, I'd love to go to temple square in utah, but of course I'll go wherever the Lord wants me to go.
and then cosmetology school. for a long time I thought I'd go in rexburg, but after today, I've thought about coming here to Provo. the people are sweet.. idk it's an option.

I'm kinda rambling now, but church was just really good today. hard, tearful (silently tearful) but good. I needed it. hopefully efy is the same this week. I need it..
I miss you already babe. a lot.. I love you. yeah..
the future is daunting, but exciting. it's weird how everything works out, but I can't wait til it does.

I hope everyone has a great week! I am definitely going I try. be happy!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

officially a senior!

got senior pictures done by the super sweet, super talented amy monroy this week. i had so much fun! more to come soon! here are just a few of amy's faves:



here is amy's blog if you'd like to see any more of her work:)

hope you have had a great week too! <3

Thursday, June 14, 2012

definitely summer

FINALLY!!! it's summer, i'm babysitting/nannying whatever you want to call it, best friend stuff, one-on-one time with my camera, working out, it's HERE! summer is here! and i'm just so excited:D

soo first of all, i started nannying again this summer. the girls and i have lots of fun days planned (this upcoming week we'll probably do a workout day and DEFINITELY a photoshoot! i'm excited). and to kick off the first day of summer we made CAKE POPS!! bites! haha rephrase. we attempted to make cake POPS and ended up making cake BITES instead because cake pops are a whole lot harder than it looks!

so a box of funfetti, a can of frosting, 2 packages of candy coating, and a whole lot of mistakes later, we ended up with this:

the only magic 8 that actually worked out
what we wanted them to look like

how quite a few of them worked..

what we ended up doing instead
our cute little "happy summer" friends:)

okay so they didn't exactly work how we planned.. but we gave them away to some very excited families. the best was when a sister from our ward told us we had made her day:) but we learned. next time, cake bites only;) i'm going to figure it out someday! i'm determined;)

the next adventure: halloween, thanksgiving, birthday, christmas, new year, and valentines day (plus celebrate summer) ALL IN ONE! hahha i finally got my socks;) and i think all of them are my new favorites! nathan took me to get them, ended up with 6 pairs, and super excited to do a sock photoshoot, because of course they're fun socks, so might as well show you sometime;)
after sock shopping, we went out to the reservoir, and lucky me! nathan let me just experiment with my camera. here are a few of my favorites:)

our shy friend the lizard;)

and then flying kites! with the kids:)

i like this one because of seth. he's soo adorable and he looks up to his brother. you can tell and it's adorable<3!!!

she looks up to him too. he's just amazing
precious rachel! i wish i had a sister every time i'm with her

wow that was only tuesday? okay anyway! at the end of this whole date, nathan gave me the prettiest necklace ever and AHH! i love it! it's so meaningful and i've worn it every day sense. it means so much to me. ahh! love it! i'll post a picture sometime soon i'm sure:)

wednesday was pretty boring.
thursday a date got canceled:( mainly because one of the guys was missing working {{long story haha actually kind of funny too hahaha}} so nathan and i went on a bike ride. only five miles and my legs were KILLING me! plus i dropped my phone somewhere along the way and yeah it was a crazy ride! but fun:)

mmm friday nothing too spectacular. and saturday just took the ACT so that's pretty much it!!

finally summer! {{and finally posted sorry:/}} i think, if i get the chance, i'm going to post a little more often. so i dont have this weird "take forever to download" problem. hopefully! no guarantees;)

thanks for a great week babe and for everything you do<3

hope you're having a FANTASTIC summer everyone!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

cute cousins

{{for the record. this is on time for once;)}}

so daddy's sister came into town on their way down to Disneyland, and they have 3 beautiful girls that I just had a blast hanging out with, doing hair, giggling, having a sleepover... it was just fantastic.
Saturday was the big day. we went to this little park with spray/water fountains and had fun splashing around in those, playing on the play structures and all of that. Kate was my main buddy for that:)

Miss Leah, Annie, and Kate
that night we had a "girls only" party in my room and watched Ramona and Beezus. had fun brushing all or my stuffed animals hair too!:)

Leah, Kate and Annie enjoyed that. especially Leah with her oreos;) then Annie slept on my little trundle in my room {{I felt bad, such a long busy day, I fell asleep on her!:( }}

 then this morning I got o do more hair! Kate and Leah had me do it Saturday, and I did Annie's this morning too:) super super fun! Now they're off to LA!:)

I loved having my cousins and I realized that I can't wait to have my own little kids (hopefully girls;) of course I wouldn't mind boys, but can I please please pleeeeeease have one little girl! they're so fun! haha MANY years into the future though! until then though, I'll just have to keep hoping:)

hope your summer is off to a great start too! love<3