Sunday, February 26, 2012

kasey cakes:)

soo i know this is the second post for the day but in a way michelle's was kinda like the update for last week, so this one is really today's :D haha sorry that's a little confusing but that's okayy!

my dearest darlingest kasey deserves this post. she and i have worked countless hours in wrestling matches in the Miracle Worker, dance dance dance in Oklahoma, and many hours to come im sure. I am sooo grateful i had the opportunity to get to know her this year! she is wonderful and near to my heart.
we've been through a lot in this show. missing music, plans A-D, youTube videos, sore muscles, exciting lifts, talkers, teaching, extra hours on the weekends, rough days and great ones.

 bahaha that's cute;) honestly one of my faves though!

But thats what this show is all about! it's enduring and looking back at a fabulous learning experience. it's having that one (my lovely kasey) that knows what to say and teaches me so much. kasey has taught me soo so much about dance and enjoying what you can; sacrifice and growth. i am soo so grateful for my darling kasey.
to all of our time together and much more to come. keep dancing darling<3

live like you're dyin'

michelle. seriously there aren't words to describe how much i love this girl. she is my best friend. there aren't any other words to describe her. she's beautiful and lovely. she just gets me!
she and i met my freshman year. i was so scared. i walked into my pathway class and realized i was alone. i knew no one. and then of course the teacher called on me to share about myself! i was so quiet and shy and i was afraid everyone would think i was just a stupid freshman..
and then we had to go "listen" to some speech given by the principle. i realized this other girl with beautiful eyes looked lonely too. so i slowly walked toward her and we just started talking. we both loved country music, she was from new york, and that was the start of our friendship.
that was the only class i've ever had with her.
i cant imagine what my life would be like without her. she means the world to me. we've been through a lot together and i dont know what i would do without her.

she and i are crazy ohhh yeah. but that's what life's about! shes the girl i'll drop everything for, lend a shoulder to cry on any time of day, ice cream at 10:30, late nights on the weekend, weird faces like no one is watching, laughing at something from yesterday, excitement at something the boyfriends did, driving with music blaring, diet coke, borrow eachother's clothes, random noises just because, sharing food, one look and "i know what you're thinking", talking about our boys, make the other happy, pick up on eachother's moods, calming down at 1 in the morning, drive your car home, dancing in the rain..

she's live like you're dyin' <3

i love you michelle katherine roessel! <3 <3 <3

Sunday, February 12, 2012

the sky is the limit

soo, i was going to title this "reach for the sky" but then i thought of woody from toy story and he thats what he says when he's reach for the gun at his hip.. so i figured "sky is the limit" sounded a little nicer:) haha

anywho. this post isnt about a specific event. it's not really about any one. it's kinda just.. for me i guess.

this week has had its ups and downs of course. things happen. life gets crazy. and when it does, its easy to break down. sometimes its hard to hold back the tears. and i find it easy to look down on my self, and it doesnt seem like any thing is worth it..

but thats why i have my camera:)

i find that when things are the most difficult, the most stressful, my camera is my escape (aside from my best friends) that allows me to just find myself. i find myself looking at everything as if i was trying to find the perfect picture. and i constantly look towards the sky. there's something about how it's never the same shade of blue, the clouds change shape, the way the sun paints the sky different colors throughout the day. it's just beautiful and endless.

thats how i want my life to be. beautiful and endless. its how i see everyone else's life. everyone around me is so beautiful, each unique and changing. its kind of hard to find that in myself. but i'm going to strive for it, like i strive to find the perfect shot. and i'll keep going on and on until i find that beautiful and endless life. i'll have my adventures, my rough spots, but i think if i remember to just keep looking up, reaching for the sky, i'll find that the sky isn't the limit. there are footprints on the moon.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

hakuna matata

Oh what a wonderful phrase! And it's true. Our problem-free philosophy! It made things better in the hardest moments and made things okay:)

Sooo I have been involved in drama all of my high school career. I've been there since day one. I was in a Midsummer Night's dream, helped/sang a little in Kimbaret, in Peter Pan and a main character in Beauty and the Beast. My show though was the Miracle Worker (previous blog posts check it out!:) and now my dear friend Kasey and I are choreographers for Rodger and Hammerstein's Oklahoma!

 this is my kasey:)

We pretty much live, breathe, eat, walk, dress, sleep dance. Dance dance dance. Especially this week. There are 16 numbers in this show: 4 major dances, 2 supporting major dances, 8 for movement, and 2 we don't need to create anything for.

Still. That's a lot.

So of course. Time is always devoted to dance. Monday-Thursday at least 2.5 if not 3 hours. Every day. And although it can be a lot is hard difficult work, it's been worth it. Monday adventures in the theater all by ourselves, scared at the sound of every little creak. Random photo frenzies of shadows on the wall, ladders, and props. It's the little things that make life worth it:)

 random theater shots when i need a break:)

Saturday however. We died.

We were at the school by 8. Kinda let it slide that we didn't dance.
Then we're dancing dancing dancing. Look completely ridiculous as we run back and forth accross the stage, acting like horses or whatever other foolish move we've incorporated into our dances. Suddenly dance gone. Music changed. There's nothing. Entire dance up in a wisp of smoke. We're all freaking out as we scramble to find the non existent sheet music for the version we've been working with..

So I grab my camera, a sharpie and start walking around with "Hakuna Matata" written across my forearms, holding my arms behind my back so people could read it:) (occasionally i looked like i was trying to do the chicken dance..;) it changed the mood. At least my mood. Things felt better. I loved how people tried not to giggle as i took pictures of ladders and random set pieces, me in my hot pink tights and striped socks, with thick letters spelling out what we needed to remember most on my arms. Not that hakuna matata even matters to this cast.. that's a whole different show all together!! but ohh how we needed that phrase!

Am I crazy? Yep. Weird? You could say that. Happy with the way Saturday turned out? Definitely.

See hakuna matata is more than just a silly song in a disney movie. It's a way to be positive. It's a way of finding the happiest moments in the little things like giant tubes Nate fits in, snuggling on the couch, nice comfortable beds after a long day, (and a long week for that matter) and barbeque sauce. Hakuna matata. It's a reminder that love exists. That things matter. That smiling is worth it. hakuna matata is for everyone. so just remember it:)

Hakuna matata y'all!!