Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ccsm: chapel hill(s)

Transfer three sent me away from the mountains and into northern Colorado Springs. At this point, although I wasn't super "old" in the mission, I finally felt I had my footing. I wanted to make it a good transfer, and boy was it a GREAT one!

Sister Kaylisha Dawn Harmon and I had a lot more in common than just our initials. We both enjoyed running (although she was way better), had luscious beautiful hair, wanted to work hard, and most of all, LOVED TO LAUGH!

The things that make Kaylisha great are our differences though. She's an artist. Like a legit "I'm humble enough to never say it but I'm way better than everyone else" artist. Seriously.

International LDS Church History Art Competition. No big deal.

Kaylisha is great at listening to the spirit. We had the opportunity to work with a few people in our ward who really needed the push to link themselves to the gospel again. Sister Harmon would pray and study to find out what she needed to do to help them progress.

She was also a fantastic cook. She's the youngest of 8, so she's had a lot of practice! I had to take a few hypoglycemia tests during this transfer, which made me feel really icky. She took care of me so well!! One of the great things she initiated was weekly district lunches! We would assign different foods to each companionship, and then we'd make lunch there! Toward the end of the transfer, a few extra people were added to our district. Easy peasy! Taco salad, breakfast for lunch. We had lots of fun! 

 Our adventures were far from few. Once, we decided to go for a break at Summersweet Frozen Yogurt. "Kyle the Cashier" covered our last $.50. It was the best froyo we ever had. At a later date (because obviously we went more than once!) we tipped him $.50. Whenever we had a bad day, that was where we headed!

Weekly planning. Never was better than the day we she ate half a watermelon, we slathered strawberries in nutella, and I finished us off with half a jar of peanut butter. 

Being our healthy selves, we decided one day we were going to walk to the other side of our area. WE WALKED ROUGHLY 10 MILES THAT DAY! We might have been healthy, but we were also VERY sore the next day. Despite being rained on, we still made it fun. We bought ourselves dried fruit from Sprouts. We made dandelion wishes. It was a great day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER HARMON!! To celebrate her 21st year of life (I'm pretty sure she turned 21, but don't quote me on it!) we headed out to Garden of the Gods for a sunrise jog. It was a beautiful morning. God's creations are truly beautiful. I went to Garden of the Gods many times, and it never ceased to be breathtaking. We even bought matching bright shirts just for the occasion!

This transfer wouldn't be complete though if I didn't share some of the hilarious quotes we shared.

"If Andrew Garfield and I got married, our children would have sick hair." Harmon
  ^^this is TRUE. Look at that head of gorgeousness.

"I forgot how to spell my own last name, President!" Hendricks

"They must have great legs, even though we can't see them because they're covered by frumpy skirts!" Harmon

"I know I should go to sleep but I just really like talking to you!"

"If you two got married, you would spend half of your life putting sunblock on your children." Harmon

"I'll be totally great at seducing my husband!" (after falling off the bed)

"Is that my voice? Is that MY voice?" Harmon (on helium)

"My biggest fear is going to the single's ward." Hendricks

"You are seductively eating that strawberry. I'm pretty sure that's against mission rules." Harmon

I love you Sister Harmon!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

ccsm: inspired

The sad day came that I had to say goodbye to my beloved Broadmoor and Cheyenne Meadows. After 4 1/2 months in my first area, I was definitely sad, but I knew I was leaving to where God wanted me to be.

There are always many people who touch our hearts and strengthen our souls in so many ways. I feel it would be injustice to go without mentioning the many that touched my heart.

I mentioned the Lotz in my training segment, but they are worth mentioning again. This is the day of their beautiful baptism. I learned from this great family the importance of going back to the basics in life. This doesn't involve just the gospel basics, but also doing the things that are meant to make you happy. Run. Eat healthy. Hummus is perfection. Celestial herbal tea. Be a friend. Serve. Love with all you have. All who come in contact with this family can't help but feel the spirit. To them, I say thank you.

The number of nights that we prayed Phyllis and JR would get married so that she could be baptized was at least 72. (We reaaaaally wanted this to happen) I don't know what happened, but I do know that Phyllis is now baptized, and I am better because I got to teach these two beautiful people. I learned to be bold and loving. I learned the importance of being strong, kind, and generous. I learned that truly, "the blessings WILL come" no matter how long it takes.

Sister SYKES! She made us laugh and laugh and laugh all the time. Sister Sykes would come out to lessons with us, tell us what we were doing well (or wrong if necessary). She may not realize how much I needed a positive light then, but she was among the great. I am grateful for her bold attitude and desire to do good always.

The Clement's. 5 kids, one great momma, and a WHOLE lot of crazy;) Sister Clement would do all she could not just to share the gospel, but live it. Her kids were a much needed uplift on the hard days. She provided service for many, loved all, and was a great example to her kids. I love this family. If I wasn't getting married, I'd be in Colorado right now being their nanny. I learned from this sweet family to find the joys in every day.

The Weyandt's. MIRACLE STORY! Jenny and I are weekly planning day one and she's all "hey, I'll text Krista Weyandt" Me: "Oh funny, the only Weyandt I know is Celeste. She was my old EFY counselor." ........... "THAT IS HIS SISTER AND THEY ADORE HER ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!" So there was my little "in" and ever since we've been great friends. Krista and Kaleb were this couple that we could not give up on. No matter what, we were going to keep teaching, loving, spending time with them. I love them so much (and now I'm obsessed with the cuteness of their son.) I learned to just have fun! Take the time for yourself, support one another, and work hard. I love this family, and am grateful for this small little world.

The Lofton family was one that I think us sisters really connected with. We had weekly appointments with them, and occasionally a lunch or dinner. If anything, I learned to eat delicious food! Haha but more than that, I learned to take a look at the Book of Mormon through new eyes. I saw what it means to love someone. I am grateful for this beautiful family. I wish them well in all they do!

And of course, my house parents: The Betts. Love young, love old. Serve well. Give cards on special holidays. Buy flowers. Do hard work. Enjoy a hobby. Be happy. When you live with someone for 4 1/2 months, you miss them lots when you go! Thanks for everything!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

ccsm: batman and hawkeye

Now we're on to companion number two, and little did we know, AREA number two. 

First tracting conversation ever:

*Knock, knock* "Oh come on, I can hear you in there! By the way, I'm deaf..."

Starting then, she was lovingly nicknamed Batman for her excellent hearing. It wasn't long before my incredible lack of vision (and her constant reminders of that) brought on my nickname: Hawkeye. Oh the irony. 

Sister Bush and I had so much fun together. She was quite the prankster, so on April 1st, we umm..... celebrated beloved the national holiday called April Fools by.. well it's really easy to get into the Elders' apartment.

Here are our Sister Training Leaders! STLs watch over the sisters in a set area. I loved all of my STLs, and we were lucky enough to have them in our district this transfer. They were great. Especially when we had to switch new records for the ward.

So when Sister D and I were together, we were assigned to a congregation that had roughly 900 members in it. After much prayer and a lot of church procedures, the congregation was split into two. Sister Bush and I were assigned to the Cheyenne Meadows ward in Colorado Springs. After a bit of a balancing act between Cheyenne Meadows and Broadmoor, we were able to work with some great people. We didn't get any baptisms, which some might find as success, but we learned a lot from our transfer together. And that is the important part.

Most of our transfer is best shown in pictures, so here we go!

Walgreens and waiting for Outback Stakehouse. Those two places provided the greatest adventures!

Eli was seriously my favorite person ever. He was the sweetest most huggable boy in the whole world. We spent our fair share of time at his house, preparing his older sister for baptism, so we really got to know him well. Obviously he loves Sister Bush!

Um yeah..

Sister Bush was such a great missionary and friend. I am grateful for my chance to work with her. Thanks for everything Sister Bush!! :)