Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a little break here and there

we're about {this} close to spring break! but that also means projects, homework, sugar headaches and late nights:P oh well! we're about 40 (school) days away from graduation! whoo! oh boy I cannot wait!
I pretty much just needed a break from Psychology research. had too many jelly beans {{honestly though, 1 jelly bean is too much for me}} so I kind of have a headache, but I'm hoping a little break might help to make it go away!

I'm researching the psychology behind business and photography, which is really interesting to me! as I was researching, I was looking at how to find a distinct style and such. and I started to think about mine. I really love light, especially backlight. I know that's hard to capture sometimes, but I love the way it brings reflection, silhouettes, and just fun! {{I also love personality in photos, but right now I'm talking light}} so I've decided to start focusing on that a bit. Light.

here are a few examples of mine.

Raindrops on the Window

This one is definitely my favorite. I call it "A Streetlamp Named Desire" yes that's a play on words. No I have not read the play. I just like the title. And in my case, I realized a desire I had {photographing light} because of the rain, the window, and the lamp across the street. I'm actually kind of excited! I have a few photos with people in them as well, but I need to upload them and stuff. I'll get that done soon:)

The next thing I would love to learn is photoshop. But I'm holding off on getting a decent program until post mission, mid college, so that I know what's best and how I can use it to my full potential.

I have a lot to learn, but I'll make it through!

well, goodnight<3

Monday, March 18, 2013

late night distractions

eeep! okay so I started out with the intent of submitting my scholarship application, then heading to bed. but oh my goodness why would I do that when there are so many things to look at on the BYU-I website? Goodness gracious I am so stinking excited for college! Looking at rooms, laptop rental (because I want to go on a mission first) classes, work opportunities. I am just so excited and happy! I can't even contain myself! It's 11:25 on a school night, but I don't even care! I just know this is the right decision. I feel it.

I still want to go on a mission first of course:) actually, one thing I'm really looking forward to is getting my endowments, being able to go to the temple. I just. ahh it's so special. I am so excited:)

I've had a lot of trials come up in my life, and sometimes they're so difficult, I just don't know what to do anymore. But I know that as I rely on the Lord, He will get me through. It's sometimes hard to knock on the door, but it makes things easier when you do. The same will go for college and missions. I just know that I am to look to Him. He will guide me through and help me grow.

BYU-I bound
but most importantly
hooray hooray hooray!

love always!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

writing on a wall

it's a been a while, and this will be a pretty serious post. but I think it's worth writing.

So on Friday, there was writing found in a bathroom stall that [from what I understand] was a threat to the school. Administration took action and involved the local police department. The PD found no immediate threat. Rumors began to spread on social media sites. Now there is a fear that tomorrow there will be in danger with a possible shooting [according to rumors].

I will admit, this is fairly frightening. However, I feel that we are pretty safe tomorrow. Our administration wouldn't ask us to come to school if we weren't going to be safe. We have plenty of police officers that will be there tomorrow and we have teachers who know how to protect us in case of a lock down. I pray that we will be safe and that whomever this was, their heart may be softened. I have faith in the Lord that we will be protected.

I believe that we need to be aware of the rumors that we listen to and spread ourselves. More importantly, I want to point out something my English teacher pointed out today. We need to be aware of how we interact with other people. Words really can hurt other people. But so can the things we don't say. Everyone is important. We don't know and likely don't understand any one's story but our own. Not everyone has great parents, home life may suck, or they have no home. We don't understand. We just don't. And sometimes we just need to reach out and smile. Say hello. Let people know we genuinely care. People need that. We need that, I need that, you need that. The real message in the writing on the wall wasn't that we're all going to die. It was that someone out there needs a friend. Someone feels that their life is so awful, so terrible that they feel the need to just be done with watching everyone else walk by and end it. I hope I'm not one of those people.

I say we need to show others we care. It's a simple as a smile.

Tomorrow, I pray that whoever needs a friend will be found. So that we may show them the love that they need is here. It's in us. It's in you. It's in me. We are the love. Cheesy as it sounds, I am. The world isn't going to change tomorrow. But one person can change a life. And life and love is the world.