Thursday, July 2, 2015

what does the FOX say?

Normally training is two transfers, but the Lord needed Sister Cox closer to Denver, so I began working with Sister Fox. Sister Fox and I came out together. We knew each other a bit, but nothing like we did after a transfer together!

Sister Fox was definitely a "go with the flow" Sister. She loved easily and wanted to be the very best that she could. She LOVED to laugh. She was so little and tiny and cute. I'm short. But put us next to each other, she is definitely the shorter of the two!

Half way through our missions, we are blessed to go to the temple. We take the whole day to spend time up at the Denver temple, get food, have a testimony meeting, and just enjoy the day. It was a neat experience for Sister Fox and I because we got to go together as companions. We also get to see all of our old MTC friends. It was a special experience for us for sure.

Fun fact, today (July 2, 2015) is when all of these lovely ladies headed home. Obviously I came home early, and Sister Fox actually broke her ankle the transfer after we were together, so she went home and came back to the mission. So 4 of the 6 headed home today! haha
I miss them, but I also love them lots. I am proud of them.

The sweet (and intimidating) US Wrestler, Amy Hou, took us on a tour of the Olympic Training Center. I think my two favorite parts of the tour were 1) the Olympic Rings and getting to stand in the gold medal spot and 2) they have this timer that counts down to the next olympics for both the summer and winter. Because the winter olympics had happened earlier that year, there were about 3 years, 3 months and however many seconds were left that moment!

Sister Fox was always so creative and silly. From her, I learned to just have fun. I saw just how powerful simplicity could be. I know I was with her for a reason, and I hope she just keeps doing great things!

Love you!