Tuesday, April 17, 2012


soo this is what like a million years late?;) we ended the show end of march. hahah oh well!
{{plus i promised kasey i'd post and she'll bug me about it til i do;) just sayin}}

ooh where do i begin? hmmm i was not super stoked about this show. the story line wasn't my favorite, no character really stood out to me, i just didn't know really what to do. i wanted to be a part of it of course {{uhh been there since day one, no way i was missing out now}} but i didn't know how.
til kasey. and boy do i owe her!
DANCE DANCE DANCE! seriously one of the craziest (yet wonderful) experiences of my life. as a tag-team choreographer dynamic duo
 {{OH MY GOODNESS SIDE NOTE! we're making dynamic duo shirts for grease auditions. i have just decided! AHH!! ohkay:D}} 
duo, we created choreography (or at least a part of the choreography) for all the dance numbers in the show (The two that had no dancing we obviously didn't do) and as crazy as ensamble was, the extra exhausting hours we put in, lack of communication and listening skills, NO MUSIC (which is kiinda important for dancee), last minute fill in, and just everything crazy that happened, we had fun just dancing and teaching and being ourselves. it really was a great experience.
{{AHH!! we should get fun tights or spandex too! oh my gosh! ahh!!!}}
sooo here are some of my favorite pictures from the show. enjoy!

{left} crazy faces! {center} pretty much the look we've had since day 1;) {right} they're so precious

{top left} because she never allows me to take pictures of her, i got the cold shoulder AND the tongue that day;) {top center} darling girl im going to miss so much next year! {top right} beautiful katie whom was amazing at tech!! {bottom} the picture that pretty much describes us 100%: im bored, are you serious? I dont care, duhhh, shoot me now, im pretending im listening i swear, sleeeep! hahahahha 

awww as crazy as it was, i'm glad it happened. look for our names in the program next year! the dynamic duo!! :D love ya kasey!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


since we didnt go to the school's prom this year, we decided to make one of our own.. sorta:)
Nathan and I wanted it to be a big, fun group so we invited Rhiannon, AJ, Shayli, and Hunter to come with us. First of all, i drove. Ohh the perks of having your license for a year;) we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner... and dessert (of course) soooo yummy!! We were all stuffed by the end of it! Then we went to the temple and took some pictures there. Precious:) We were going to go to Fenton's for ice cream, but we were still full from dinner haha. So we went back to Shay's and watched a movie.
It was a fantastic night. No awkward moments, simple, casual, and just fun! I'm so grateful for the friends i have and the time we spend together:)

Here's a few pictures. Enjoy!

 the Oakland, California LDS Temple

the porsche. bahaha of course we had to stop and check it out;)

Rhiannon and AJ! haha fun as friends:) they went with the flow and just were crazy and fun together. LOVED IT! :)

Shayli and Hunter. SOO precious<3 they are so cute together!! AHH! adorable:)

The Group: Nathan, Me(Kaylene), AJ, Rhiannon, Hunter and Shayli. Standing in front of the statue of our Savior:) So grateful for the experience we had that night!

Thanks everyone for an unforgettable night<3

the craziest day of my life

{{sorry this is like a week and a half late, but hope you enjoy!!}}
started at 8:00 and didn't stop til 4:30. prom. i, being me which includes insane amounts of crazy, decided to do hair all day. and although it was long and tiring, it was so fun. i love hearing how much the person loves it, how they feel pretty. that's why i do what i do. not because of money or anything, because i love hearing how happy and excited they are. that is what makes me happiest. thats what i love.

i figured some of you might want to see my handy work from throughout the day, so here it is:)

 Tayler: 2 waterfall braids and 1 french braid to pull it all to one side. Her own idea and it turned out great!:)

 Rebekah: inspired by a Carrie Underwood red-carpet look, we curled her hair and bobby pinned it all to one side. Looked good!:)

 Crysta: for this one, we fancied up a cute messy bun by curling the top layer and adding a braid. Perfect for her and great for the night:)

 Catrina: inspired by Taylor Swift's "Love Story" music video, we twisted and bobby pinned piece after piece (there were at least 100 bobby pins in her hair) and the final product looked so gorgeous:)

Katie: another Taylor Swift inspired style with tighter curls and a lady more gorgeous than Taylor (if i do say so myself;) She looked positively beautiful. She was so happy.. AHH! Lovely:)

Dela: okay. This bun turned out positively PERFECT! It was nearly symmetrical, and didn't move the whoooole night (after hairspray and bobby pin galore, i'm not surprised;) Perfect!!:)

 Michelle: Loose curls and 2 waterfall braids that connected in the back. Soft and elegant look. She looked wonderful:)

Kasey: her hair took me about 10 minutes since we did it 8 million times for the show (hopefully a post about that coming up soon by the way!) teased, curled, and then i took her pictures. She looked so sexy;) haha it was way fun!:)

Me: hehe i didnt go to prom, i was too busy doing this all day;) so my lovely nathan brought me twizzlers and rasberry lemonade to keep me going. He's the best!!:)

SOOOO that was my day! everyone looked positively gorgeous! i loved how everyone felt so beautiful, and i am grateful for what an experience it was! Thanks to everyone who let me do it, and thanks for the support everyone!!<3


I had a different post about prom/hair.. But this is more important to me right now.
One of my very best and darling friends, michelle, texted me this afternoon saying that her boyfriend, shane, had been in an accident. She called just as I was leaving my house to go comfort her and asked me to take her to the hospital..
I was scared. Which was odd since he and I aren't super close.. But because I know him.. Idk it scared me.
Anyway, we waited for about 3 hours in the ER waiting room, I just put my arm around her, held her tight. There was nothing we could do but wait. We knew he was okay from what Shane's mom had told us. But chelle was still worried, and there was no way I was leaving. In the end, everything was totally okay. Shane has just dozed off for a second and hit a parked semi on the passenger side of the car. He's a little scratched up, bruised knee, but other than that, he's just shaken. We all are..
Now I'm not telling you this for sympathy or for anything really. I just think it can give us all a little perspective.

Isn't it insane? To think he's only bruised? Thank heavens there was no one in that passenger seat.. I mean.. Michelle, his sister, anyone could have been there.. Thank goodness. Yes, the car is a wreck. Yes, it has been an emotional, crazy afternoon.. But we're all here. And we know who our friends are.
It's really made me think about the gift of life. I think God saved shane because he has a purpose he still needs to fulfill. I think of my own boyfriend, best friend, friends, family.. And I hope they know I love them. I would never want that to happen and any one of them think I don't.. I think of what purpose I have here, and I hope i can be able to fulfill that purpose. I think of me.. And I hope that I would be able to have the faith that everything would be okay..
It was a really scary moment. But I hope Michelle. I hope you know I love you. That I will always always always! Be here for you. Thick and thin. Ups and downs. I will drop everything for you. You never owe me. You mean the world to me, and i could never ask fir more than your friendship. Best friends forever babe<3 For Shane.. I know we're not super close, and you probably won't even read this. but I am so glad you're okay. You're an amazing guy, and Michelle only deserves the best. You treat her right and.. Thank you. I'm glad that it's you Michelle has in her life. Nathan, I love you. Thank you for all you do for me and for being everything a girl could ask for. You're my best friend and the best boyfriend in the world. You are everything to me. Always and forever hun<3 To my family, I love you guys. I know I don't always say it, and I could probably show it more often. But I do. Each of you boys, my parents.. You're my family. I love you. To all my friends, I know I'm not perfect. But I will try for a million years to be perfect if it will prove to you that I love each and every one of you. I am always here, for very one. I would do anything for you to be happy and to know that I love you. And for me... Always remember, you're worth it.. Keep life in perspective. I love you all!<3