Sunday, December 23, 2012

photos anyone?

because I'm always really late;)

 I had the opportunity to take these pictures a few weeks ago. SO fun! adorable little kids:) these were some of the better photos from this cute little family:)
{obviously the girl's face, not the baby. and there were other kids, but these were my faves}
I've known Alex for what seems like EVER! I mean pre mission, early high school ever! and he's married and has a BABY?! WHATT??! they asked me to take their photos. beautiful<3 ahh! lovely:)

happy holidays!

Monday, December 10, 2012

photography love

sooo obviously this "daily december" thing isn't reaaaally working out. but that's okay! I've been busy and it's been FABULOUS!
I started up my own amateur photography business. I call it KayPhotos. I love it! Taking photos of people makes me soooo happy!! :D

anyway here's some of my work from the week. few favorites.
oh to be warned. I'm not really a "please sit there and smile" kind of girl. I'm a "I'm going to chase you around the playground because it makes you smile and is so much more fun to capture" kind of girl:) haha

Sunday, November 25, 2012

the wonder of memory card readers

so we have this project for yearbook where we interview another person in the class and create magazine layouts for the person. well, I got to look through some old photos and I thought it would be fun to share. ahh they make me so happy:) I just got these off of a broken camera so I am so excited!!

beauty and the beast! this was one of the most parts I ever ever had! i looooved dancing around and being goofy! and the french accent was the best!! I haven't done that in a while, but i was pretty good at it;) oh and the best was chelle loving her fat costume!

 I made this dance up. on the spot. every night. I don't think I ever did anything the same. hahaha aww man!
this was one of my favorite memories with my brothers. it was pouring rain forEVER so we went out and jumped on the trampoline singing taylor swift songs and just having fun together. i love how happy we look in this picture:)

EFY 2011! ahh dance! I mean obviously it was a weird face, but who cares! AH! I loved this session!! <3

THE GIRLS (efy 2011). none of us knew eachother, which made this session all the better.

annd THE BOYS. seriously. this captures them PERFECTLY!! they were always crazy and fun and goof balls!

alright. Jack. seriously, he was the most amazing kid I had the chance to meet at EFY. he was so strong and willing to move forward in the gospel. it was his 5th session going, but boy am I glad, as I'm sure our whole group was, that he came. He's on a mission now. I don't know where. but I hope I can connect with him again someday because he has made a huge impact on my life. and he doesn't even know it. miss you jack<3

so i had the opportunity to hang out with this girl after MONTHS of separation. she is wonderful. i need her in my life. goodness gracious. dinner, drive to redbox, and spiderman is all we need to know that we are seriously the bestest of best friends ever. nothing beats my california girl<3

 DANCE FESTIVAL! fooorever ago! June 2011! it was such a wonderful experience. I love dance and the spirit was there, and these lovely ladies. ah<3 seriously another wonderful experience in my life!

probably one of my favorite all time photos of myself. because I let myself roll with the day. it didn't matter how crazy things were. it didn't matter. HAKUNA MATATA!! who cares! i let it go:) and i loved every minute of it.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

taking a break

sorry it's been so long! life gets super crazy!
well in the past 2 months or so I've survived a musical, paid for my own gas, applied for jobs, written a missionary, gone to a softball game, helped a friend, gone to seminary, started applying for college, decided to go on a mission, and learned a lot about myself. It's been a rough but good few months:)

but I can go into details later. Currently I am working on my last project for young women's personal progress! I'm taking a break now to post, but I figured it might be fun for you to get a sneak peek. ENJOY!<3

Sunday, September 9, 2012

a penny for my thoughts

college. photography. michelle.. rocket blower. divine nature. dinner for 2 weeks. signatures. application. essay. missing work. piano. working out. mom. pictures. dance team. bows. temple. crysta. future. seminary. water. no more sugar. run. jasmine.. tuesday. film. runny nose. 736 miles. regrets. katie. young women in excellence. done by october. mouth shut. smile. snap. choreography. priest/laurel activity. movies. dance. how to train your dragon. music. ipod. homework. vocab. psychology. english. 9am-12pm. 6:00. tuesday-thursday. project due friday. character matters. clean room. eat. waiting for the text that i know wont come. goodbyes. journal. 105, 112. 10 days. girls night. abc photos. hair. iphone. byu or byui. career. lonely. nathan. healthy. quiet. so you think you can dance times 3. game. singles ward. 18. how does she do it? money. scholarships. pray. keys. laundry. thrift stores. job. march. text bekah. tears. charise.. red head. thanks. sleep. 3:45. samuel french. theatre talent award. forget. ouch. stomach. 1 million uploads. popsicle sticks. mac book. notes. necklace. happy jar. pretend. efy. christmas. driving. ctr ring. mutual. husband. wash car. hands. writing. scared. doctor.

ahh.. breathe.


so this year i have the fabulous opportunity to be part of the yearbook class.
well. mostly fantastic.
it's gotten better.. but hey! i guess it could be worse!

anywho! it's great because i really get to learn/practice more on my photography skills! it's great! :) as a class, last week we had the opportunity to go to a yearbook conference Jostens (our publisher) set up and attend a few sessions of either writing or photography. i went to both the beginning and the advanced photo classes, and i loved it!!
our teacher was mike mclean who is typically an outdoor photographer. not landscape, but people out door. he has a unique view of the world, just like everyone else. but it was a lot of fun to learn from him.
anyway. most important things i learned:
be spontaneous
see as the camera sees
fill the frame!
keep the subject occupied
I NEED A SENSOR CLEANER! oh and filters. just uv ones. need. now.
off brand lenses are not a bad thing, as long as they're compatible
meter modes
there are some really cool things you can do with zoom!!
again SPONTANEOUS!! have fun:)

i loved it! can't wait to learn more!

"good photographers go to ordinary events and bring back extraordinary photographs."


ps. i need to clean my sensor. there are dust spots in the camera:( ill do that soon! hopefully tomorrow and we can start seeing photos up here again!

Monday, August 27, 2012

daddy-daughter days

it was that time of year again: daddy daughter camp out. not always appealing, but this year was way different. we were by the beach, fantastic food, friends, sweet girls, camp fire. just so much fun:)

so one of dad's favorite activities is skim-boarding. {{pretty much you ride a mini surfboard like thing on the shore line at the beach. or in the backyard on tarps if you are my dad.}} and actually it's his favorite activity in the summer which is off snowboard season {{duh}} ANYWAY! he loves it.

i, on the other hand, do not like being wet. or cold. well, wet AND cold is more like it. so i am perfectly content taking pictures on the sand and not be in the water. it was a really neat experience this time though because the best waves were friday night, so i had the opportunity to experiment with my camera and figure out how to get the best pictures. so! hope you liked them:)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

goodbye summer

summer was toooooooo short this year!! i had a fun time though!
to wrap up the summer, the girls and i made an AMAZING FORT! seriously, amazing. well i guess first we went to ihop, and i spilled my water all over the table. our waitress asked if i wanted a kids cup:P but we had fun there! THEN the fort, and we watched the lorax! such a cute movie:) it was great! wrapped up in the tie blankets we made the other day, lounged around in pjs. it was fantastic!

i also got my schedule, which i love!
1st: AP Psychology {{i really like the teacher! it's going to be great}}
2nd: Econ/Amer Gov't {{seriously this teacher is wonderful. blessing to us all}}
3rd: Yearbook {{hopefully can improve my picture skills this year!}}
4th: Adv. Drama {{we'll see...}}
5th: TA {{it's an honors geometry class, but it's been so fun because he's my favorite teacher ever and i get to grade some of the calc work and i like grading my friend's work}}
6th: AP Lit {{another we'll see...}}

2nd lunch with some amazing friends, no classes with nathan, or lunch, but i am really excited for this year. i'm excited for it!

and that's pretty much it. ready for the school year! hope you are too:)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

young women's camp

6 years. it's been 6 years, summer after summer, one week at young women's camp. it's crazy how fast time flies! it was a great week! hard, scary, trying, but great. i learned soo much and am so grateful for the experience.

first of all, our theme was ARMY Strong: A Righteous Mormon Youth. super fun. everyone loved it. and our stage was just lovely. silhouettes and the blue sky. i loved it:)

we had fun together. our group of YCL2's (Youth Camp Leader's, second level) are so close and support eachother 100 percent. i really felt that this week. we had fun with shadow puppets and weird faces, screaming, laughing, bathroom trips, dinner.. so great. i love them and will miss each of them dearly!

i think though that some of the most important lessons i learned were these:
you choose to be offended. therefore choose not to be. when you think everyone loves you, you're so much happier!
make sure the water is turned on before you decide to take a shower. and always turn the stage lights off. that solves lots of water issues.
surround yourself with amazing friends who will do whatever it takes to help you in emergencies.
who's parachute am i helping to pack? and more importantly, am i grateful to those who are packing mine?
3 minutes of scripture study is better than none.
eat when you know you need to, even if you don't feel hungry. always.
europe sounds a lot more fun than tracy.
laughing doesn't necessarily burn calories. kasie thinks she can prove that;)
there are some people you just need in your life. keep them close.
have the courage to act on a prompting. it usually is the right thing to do, as scary as it seems.
married people are so cute.
patty thought she was locked in the freezer a few years ago. making up a skit about it was even funnier;)
a letter sprayed with cologne definitely stays smelling that way.
lichen. maybe;)
do what is right! always move forward! prepare!
we take our showers at home for granted way too often!
as much as i want to be a big girl and be on my own, i still need my momma. i love her very much.

it was a good week. i am grateful to be home. but honestly, i hope i can go back next year. it's a special place, camp is.

to the girls i love dearly, i wish you the best! love you<3

short hikes and high fives

{{4/5!!!}} soooo natalie asks if we'd like to go on a hike saturday, so of course we're all for it.
seriously the longest, hottest walk ever. it was fun! definitely! i just need to remember to pack more water next time! it was so hott! but by we finally got to the shaded area, the rocks and little stream running through, was amaaaazing! we stayed there for 2 hours or so, just laying around and throwing rocks at each other and laughing when nat fell in the water;) eating, talking politics and school and biking {we really are random people} haha we had so much fun!

the walk back was looong, but everyone enjoyed themselves. devin thinks im a crazy driver {it's not my fault sometimes when you need to change lanes, you just have to pretend you're a california driver!} and phillip probably thinks we're boring people. but that's okay!

the real reason i had to go was to take pictures;) but it was super cute so it worked out anyway! this is by far my favorite! someday, after i learn wonderful things in college, i want to be a wedding/engagement photographer. really. just putting that out there.

so after this hike/sit/walk thing, we came home. rhiannon and phillip went home, nat and devin to a movie. nathan and i went swimming! hahah he launched rachel and i off of his shoulders which was fun! but i always felt like i was too heavy;) anywho, after swimming and showing off cartwheels and handstands, we headed to dinner. La Villa {i think} is DELICIOUS! oh my goodness yummm! and then we headed to the dance where we surprisingly had a fantastic time! hhaha looots of high fives. it's kinda our thing, thanks to shay. haha i'm super excited for this year! i can tell the three of us our going to be fantastic friends:) ahh! and i love how we know how to help and be there for others. we are awesome;)
sooo turned out to be a fun day! cant wait to celebrate a certain person's birthday coming upp. it's gonna be great! hehe

yayy! alright one more:) AND THEN I'M CAUGHT UP!!



ohh idaho. i love the wide open, green grass, beautiful weather of idaho. it's just amazing!! we had so much fun with the cousins! all 19 were there! at one time! it was so fun:)

i think the best part of idaho {{aside from cute cousins asking me to play all the time}} was definitely visiting the BYU-I campus! it sounds so fun! and i want to apply for the theatre talent award, and i want to do the photography major and i'm just so excited!! AHH!! and every once in a while i can go down and visit grandma and grandpa. it'll be so FANTASTIC! ahh!!

and my aunt kristin. i look up to her a lot. i love all my aunts, but it's been a long time since we've seen them. and i had fun talking to her.

well off to the next post!

efy (finally)

hooray! 5 weeks late. i know, but it's been a busy summer!

alright so efy was fantastic. emotional, tearful, loud, crazy, fun. but fantastic:) i learned a lot, loved my councilors, had a blast with jaz. sad it's my last year, but we had fun:)

here's the pics and more thoughts. enjoy<3

these are our lovely councilors, Jenn and Scott. Jenn was so helpful in jazzy's little hair dying adventure;) and she was so much fun! i loved the spirit she brought and the fun we all had together.
Scott was great. he knew when to be serious, and when to be silly. he especially liked my "happy hungry dance" haha. oh and i was his favorite ginger for the week:D
hehe they were so great! i am so grateful that i had the chance to meet them:)

bahaha soooo jazzy had this really faint pink streak in her hair. it used to be bright bright hot pink, but it had significantly faded by the time efy came around. still, haha we had to dye it. we had fun though;) perfect match on the hair dye, turned out perfect! haha it was definitely a fantastic adventure!!

 awww our girlies: savannah,mikaela, dakoda, kim, jasmine, jennifer, kenyon, kirie, hannah, kate, me:) we had soooo much fun together! random dancing, laughing, just plain fun always. i couldn't have asked for better ladies to meet:)

oohh kate and hannah. they were definitely super fun to be around! i just had tons of goofy pics of them and couldn't help it! haha

pizza night dance partyy!!! yeahhhh!!

 our boyyss!! aww we couldn't have asked for a sweeter group! scott, seth, john, ryan, alex, eli, james, hayden, spencer, duncan, charles. all week we had soo much fun! with the scottish game thing and escorting and interpretive dancing (on my part) and taking pictures. i had soo much fun! aww miss them all!


alright so here the guys were being goof balls and acting all girly with their ankles crossed and everything, except we hardly ever got one picture where they were all looking! they would put their head down, or look to see who else was being added to the group. it was pretty funny!


well then spencer tried to roll across everyone, which scott pushed him one way and then all the other guys were leaving so spencer just kinda gave up;)

 annnd then they dog piled him. boys are so crazy!!

 so there were some pretty important people in our session this week. 
{{far left}} celeste helped us get hair dye and always brought a smile to our faces, no matter when we saw her. she made the whole day just fabulous no matter what! i absolutely loved her positive attitude and sweet spirit! 
{{center}} COLETTE! oh my goodness, so this is one of my previous bishop's daughters. it was so fun to see her! she is so sweet and i just loved saying hello every once in a while!
{{far right}} spencer. pretty much he wore pink and it went with these other photos;) but he was super cool too!

she needs to be a model. end of sentence. oh goodness jasmine, you're gorgeous!

aaand of course our crazy times together! sorry some are cut off, but i love my jasmine! we had such a great time together. she's the best. shopping, crying, laughing, screaming {a lot}, singing, bathroom dance parties, hair doing, running, sharing clothes, just. us. being crazy. as usual;) I LOVE YOU GIRL!!! washington is toooo far away!

well that was my week! sorry it's so late. MORE TO COME I PROMISE!!<3