Wednesday, May 30, 2012

chem chem chem

so I know i should've posted this sunday/monday but its almost the end of the year, busy with finals, blah blah blah. and honestly nothing spectacularly exciting happened last week except for a party on Saturday which was fun (even when I felt yucky cuz I have a sweet sweet boyfriend who finds pillows for me and let's me fall asleep on his lap and sings to me and plays with my hair.. it was a good night:)
anywho nothing else really. except chemistry literally took over my week. we had this HUGE lab (worth 300 points) to work on and I was there before/after school (not as much as some people, but still) and the report took like 4 hours to do. but I got trough it!! all I have is the final tomorrow for Chem and I am officially done!! I've learned a lot from that class this year. as hard as it was, I am grateful I had it. however I am READY TO BE DONE!!!
well, I should study. I'm pretty sure I can hear someone playing music all 3 streets away. dear loud music people, give me 2 days and you can play it all you want. sincerely, a girl who really should be studying.
*sigh* good luck to everyone with finals!

Monday, May 28, 2012

"kaylene's cafe"

one of my all time favorite things to do with my brothers is called "kaylene's cafe" i set up menus (easy simple stuff), some sort of coloring thing on the back, i take their order, and usually we watch a movie or something after. the little one's usually love it. the rest of the fam was out for the night, so it was a time for kaylene's cafe!

we started off with our menus..

see! super simple, but the boys absolutely love it:)  


it was a "drive in movie" theme for the night, so they decorated license plates.

I love it when they get so happy:) they enjoyed it very much, and we have big plans for more kaylene's cafe this summer!!! :)

great america

i'm getting there guys! almost updated!!:)
so a few saturdays ago i had the opportunity to watch our school choirs sing at their "music in the parks"competition. the high school they sang at was HUGE!!!!! after everyone sang, we headed out to great america, which was sooo much fun! had a great day hanging out with rebekah, morgan, lindsey, nathan, the whole gang! it was just a blast:) except for when they made us go on drop zone. i was convinced i was going to die. i HATE hights! but we had a ton of fun:) here are some crazy pics from throughout the day!!!
linds, bekah, and morgan. beautiful ladies who made the day:)

it's soo tall

they didn't look as scared before as they did after;)

one epic day

soo it's been like 3 weeks since this actually happened, but i still wanted to post about it because it was important to me and i had fun:)

 my brother kyle and i uhh haha skipped school together! haha we went to the amc all day movie marathon of the avengers. we watched...
iron man

iron man 2
The Incredible Hulk Movie Poster
the incredible hulk

Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Poster
captain america

and of course

THE AVENGERS!!! (at midnight)

it was soo fun:) lots of movie theater food haha, we were there from like 10:30a-3:00a ish? crazy! i know! but it was a blast! kyle answered one of their trivia questions right (with the help of a nice guy in front of us) and won some pins with all the avenger's symbols on them! super fun:)

i loved just being with kyle, crazy day, super fun. couldn't have asked for a better time to be with my brother:)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

yosemite, ya know?

WELL HI!!! sorry it's been what forever? since i've posted! buuut i'm here:) and posting like mad. haha soo what i've missed!

A few weeks ago, my daddy had some old time friends come all the way from Wisconsin to visit! He taught them on his mission, so it was very cool to see them:) they were seriously like the most adorable couple. they knew exactly what the other needed, what they were going to say, how to take care of eachother. aww super duper cute! hahaha
so we went up to yosemite and visited the gorgeous place that it is which means 8 million pictures i have to choose from to show you! hope you enjoy though:)

goodness. beautiful!

this is one of my favorites of my momma:)

favorite of dylan!

boy he's a stud;)
daddy and john


my brothers:) love them!


lime green bedroom


ice cream at midnight

pink balloons and a birthday party

claiming cute actors

popsicles in the back of the truck


picking up pizza

diet coke

harry potter until 3am

picking weeds

tape mustaches

sharing shirts

blasting country music

poster on the sidewalk

sleeping bags and stair cases

pushed in the pool with all our clothes on

silly videos

my shotgun girl, my best friend, my sister: Jasmine<3