Sunday, November 25, 2012

the wonder of memory card readers

so we have this project for yearbook where we interview another person in the class and create magazine layouts for the person. well, I got to look through some old photos and I thought it would be fun to share. ahh they make me so happy:) I just got these off of a broken camera so I am so excited!!

beauty and the beast! this was one of the most parts I ever ever had! i looooved dancing around and being goofy! and the french accent was the best!! I haven't done that in a while, but i was pretty good at it;) oh and the best was chelle loving her fat costume!

 I made this dance up. on the spot. every night. I don't think I ever did anything the same. hahaha aww man!
this was one of my favorite memories with my brothers. it was pouring rain forEVER so we went out and jumped on the trampoline singing taylor swift songs and just having fun together. i love how happy we look in this picture:)

EFY 2011! ahh dance! I mean obviously it was a weird face, but who cares! AH! I loved this session!! <3

THE GIRLS (efy 2011). none of us knew eachother, which made this session all the better.

annd THE BOYS. seriously. this captures them PERFECTLY!! they were always crazy and fun and goof balls!

alright. Jack. seriously, he was the most amazing kid I had the chance to meet at EFY. he was so strong and willing to move forward in the gospel. it was his 5th session going, but boy am I glad, as I'm sure our whole group was, that he came. He's on a mission now. I don't know where. but I hope I can connect with him again someday because he has made a huge impact on my life. and he doesn't even know it. miss you jack<3

so i had the opportunity to hang out with this girl after MONTHS of separation. she is wonderful. i need her in my life. goodness gracious. dinner, drive to redbox, and spiderman is all we need to know that we are seriously the bestest of best friends ever. nothing beats my california girl<3

 DANCE FESTIVAL! fooorever ago! June 2011! it was such a wonderful experience. I love dance and the spirit was there, and these lovely ladies. ah<3 seriously another wonderful experience in my life!

probably one of my favorite all time photos of myself. because I let myself roll with the day. it didn't matter how crazy things were. it didn't matter. HAKUNA MATATA!! who cares! i let it go:) and i loved every minute of it.

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