Saturday, April 18, 2015

ccsm: batman and hawkeye

Now we're on to companion number two, and little did we know, AREA number two. 

First tracting conversation ever:

*Knock, knock* "Oh come on, I can hear you in there! By the way, I'm deaf..."

Starting then, she was lovingly nicknamed Batman for her excellent hearing. It wasn't long before my incredible lack of vision (and her constant reminders of that) brought on my nickname: Hawkeye. Oh the irony. 

Sister Bush and I had so much fun together. She was quite the prankster, so on April 1st, we umm..... celebrated beloved the national holiday called April Fools by.. well it's really easy to get into the Elders' apartment.

Here are our Sister Training Leaders! STLs watch over the sisters in a set area. I loved all of my STLs, and we were lucky enough to have them in our district this transfer. They were great. Especially when we had to switch new records for the ward.

So when Sister D and I were together, we were assigned to a congregation that had roughly 900 members in it. After much prayer and a lot of church procedures, the congregation was split into two. Sister Bush and I were assigned to the Cheyenne Meadows ward in Colorado Springs. After a bit of a balancing act between Cheyenne Meadows and Broadmoor, we were able to work with some great people. We didn't get any baptisms, which some might find as success, but we learned a lot from our transfer together. And that is the important part.

Most of our transfer is best shown in pictures, so here we go!

Walgreens and waiting for Outback Stakehouse. Those two places provided the greatest adventures!

Eli was seriously my favorite person ever. He was the sweetest most huggable boy in the whole world. We spent our fair share of time at his house, preparing his older sister for baptism, so we really got to know him well. Obviously he loves Sister Bush!

Um yeah..

Sister Bush was such a great missionary and friend. I am grateful for my chance to work with her. Thanks for everything Sister Bush!! :)

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