Monday, January 2, 2012

happy 2012!!

Oh how 2011 flew by! I can hardly believe how fast it went. It seems like just yesterday I was getting my wisdom teeth pulled! Haha
Let's see. Some of the most memorable moments of 2011:
•removal of all 8 of my wisdom teeth the first week of January (which meant going to Beauty and the Beast auditions like a chipmunk!)
•support for basketball, cheer, and dance team in February
•performance of Beauty and the Beast as Lumier, all shows, in March
•baseball season! With Michelle, Madds, and Jazzy supporting everyone! (particularly Nathan, or Shane depending on who I was with:)
•taking the world history AP test, and learning it's just not my thing in May
•Disneyland with Maddie, and getting the call that Jazzy was moving to Washington. The memories of late nights and driving around and just being crazy with her. Then moving day in June.
•EFY with some of the most awesome people ever, YW Camp and the girls we watched over as YCLs, and my first kiss ever in July:) hehe (the 13th just in case you're wondering was one of the most wonderful days of my life!:)
•starting school.. In August
•dates with my boyfriend (and best friend:) in September
•home football games with some of my closest friends and having a blast with them in October
•performing in the school play, the Miracle Worker as Helen Keller. One of the most difficult yet wonderful parts I've ever played. Then visiting Jazzy!! And having do much fun with her:) in November
•winter break with the dates and hanging out and Christmas. Then New Year's Eve and the hockey game all just so relaxing and fun in December:)

It truly has been a memorable year. Definitely has its ups and downs. No doubt about that! But life goes on and we push through. I've been extra grateful for my friends this year. My best friends. Nathan and Michelle especially. (now I don't mean to leave any one out. I love all of my friends. But these here people I'm closest to this year. And I feel extra blessed to have them.) They've been there for me always (the number of times is more than I can count) They listen and give advice and just know me so well! And I am grateful they have taken the time to know me. I love them soo much and am extremely lucky and thankful to have them in my life.
I also am grateful for the lessons I have learned within my family. I've grown a little closer to my brothers this year and I am grateful to be in the family I have.
I have grown in my testimony, particularly of prayer this year. I am grateful to have a Heavenly Father who listens and helps me to grow and learn. He never forsakes us. And I am soo grateful for Him and the knowledge I have that he is there for me.
I am grateful for the many experiences I have had in my life and being able to learn and grow this year. I believe it has made me a better person. I have much to work on (a LOT really!) but that is what this new year is for:)
I hope to make this year just as memorable and hopefully even better. I will call upon God for my strength and He will guide me through:)

let's make it the best year yet <3

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