Sunday, February 5, 2012

hakuna matata

Oh what a wonderful phrase! And it's true. Our problem-free philosophy! It made things better in the hardest moments and made things okay:)

Sooo I have been involved in drama all of my high school career. I've been there since day one. I was in a Midsummer Night's dream, helped/sang a little in Kimbaret, in Peter Pan and a main character in Beauty and the Beast. My show though was the Miracle Worker (previous blog posts check it out!:) and now my dear friend Kasey and I are choreographers for Rodger and Hammerstein's Oklahoma!

 this is my kasey:)

We pretty much live, breathe, eat, walk, dress, sleep dance. Dance dance dance. Especially this week. There are 16 numbers in this show: 4 major dances, 2 supporting major dances, 8 for movement, and 2 we don't need to create anything for.

Still. That's a lot.

So of course. Time is always devoted to dance. Monday-Thursday at least 2.5 if not 3 hours. Every day. And although it can be a lot is hard difficult work, it's been worth it. Monday adventures in the theater all by ourselves, scared at the sound of every little creak. Random photo frenzies of shadows on the wall, ladders, and props. It's the little things that make life worth it:)

 random theater shots when i need a break:)

Saturday however. We died.

We were at the school by 8. Kinda let it slide that we didn't dance.
Then we're dancing dancing dancing. Look completely ridiculous as we run back and forth accross the stage, acting like horses or whatever other foolish move we've incorporated into our dances. Suddenly dance gone. Music changed. There's nothing. Entire dance up in a wisp of smoke. We're all freaking out as we scramble to find the non existent sheet music for the version we've been working with..

So I grab my camera, a sharpie and start walking around with "Hakuna Matata" written across my forearms, holding my arms behind my back so people could read it:) (occasionally i looked like i was trying to do the chicken dance..;) it changed the mood. At least my mood. Things felt better. I loved how people tried not to giggle as i took pictures of ladders and random set pieces, me in my hot pink tights and striped socks, with thick letters spelling out what we needed to remember most on my arms. Not that hakuna matata even matters to this cast.. that's a whole different show all together!! but ohh how we needed that phrase!

Am I crazy? Yep. Weird? You could say that. Happy with the way Saturday turned out? Definitely.

See hakuna matata is more than just a silly song in a disney movie. It's a way to be positive. It's a way of finding the happiest moments in the little things like giant tubes Nate fits in, snuggling on the couch, nice comfortable beds after a long day, (and a long week for that matter) and barbeque sauce. Hakuna matata. It's a reminder that love exists. That things matter. That smiling is worth it. hakuna matata is for everyone. so just remember it:)

Hakuna matata y'all!!

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