Thursday, May 17, 2012

yosemite, ya know?

WELL HI!!! sorry it's been what forever? since i've posted! buuut i'm here:) and posting like mad. haha soo what i've missed!

A few weeks ago, my daddy had some old time friends come all the way from Wisconsin to visit! He taught them on his mission, so it was very cool to see them:) they were seriously like the most adorable couple. they knew exactly what the other needed, what they were going to say, how to take care of eachother. aww super duper cute! hahaha
so we went up to yosemite and visited the gorgeous place that it is which means 8 million pictures i have to choose from to show you! hope you enjoy though:)

goodness. beautiful!

this is one of my favorites of my momma:)

favorite of dylan!

boy he's a stud;)
daddy and john


my brothers:) love them!

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