Wednesday, May 30, 2012

chem chem chem

so I know i should've posted this sunday/monday but its almost the end of the year, busy with finals, blah blah blah. and honestly nothing spectacularly exciting happened last week except for a party on Saturday which was fun (even when I felt yucky cuz I have a sweet sweet boyfriend who finds pillows for me and let's me fall asleep on his lap and sings to me and plays with my hair.. it was a good night:)
anywho nothing else really. except chemistry literally took over my week. we had this HUGE lab (worth 300 points) to work on and I was there before/after school (not as much as some people, but still) and the report took like 4 hours to do. but I got trough it!! all I have is the final tomorrow for Chem and I am officially done!! I've learned a lot from that class this year. as hard as it was, I am grateful I had it. however I am READY TO BE DONE!!!
well, I should study. I'm pretty sure I can hear someone playing music all 3 streets away. dear loud music people, give me 2 days and you can play it all you want. sincerely, a girl who really should be studying.
*sigh* good luck to everyone with finals!

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