Sunday, June 3, 2012

cute cousins

{{for the record. this is on time for once;)}}

so daddy's sister came into town on their way down to Disneyland, and they have 3 beautiful girls that I just had a blast hanging out with, doing hair, giggling, having a sleepover... it was just fantastic.
Saturday was the big day. we went to this little park with spray/water fountains and had fun splashing around in those, playing on the play structures and all of that. Kate was my main buddy for that:)

Miss Leah, Annie, and Kate
that night we had a "girls only" party in my room and watched Ramona and Beezus. had fun brushing all or my stuffed animals hair too!:)

Leah, Kate and Annie enjoyed that. especially Leah with her oreos;) then Annie slept on my little trundle in my room {{I felt bad, such a long busy day, I fell asleep on her!:( }}

 then this morning I got o do more hair! Kate and Leah had me do it Saturday, and I did Annie's this morning too:) super super fun! Now they're off to LA!:)

I loved having my cousins and I realized that I can't wait to have my own little kids (hopefully girls;) of course I wouldn't mind boys, but can I please please pleeeeeease have one little girl! they're so fun! haha MANY years into the future though! until then though, I'll just have to keep hoping:)

hope your summer is off to a great start too! love<3

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