Sunday, June 24, 2012


well, I'm not at home. I'm currently crashed on the couch at my aunts house, laughing with my jazmatazz, pinteresting, and jazzy's texting random numbers (people we know!) saying: I hid the body. Bahahah it probably shouldn't be as funny as it is, but we're having a blast. can't wait for efy tomorrow! little nervous, but I'm super excited!

but that's just random stuff, kinda entertaining. not all that important. I guess I just wanted to talk about me tonight. not conceited. just here's my thoughts, my dreams, all that.

church today really hit me hard. we were visiting a married couples student ward, and the couple that spoke in sacrament meeting were adorable. they had that cute "we've-been-married-8-months-and-we're-obviously-totally-in-love" look. the kiss after she gave hers to say "great job". and I realized how much I want that. that temple marriage and total support. the husband that is a STUD return missionary (his talk was awesome). to hold hands and never really have to let go. I just.. I want that.

I'm ready for college. byui. 2 years. associates in general eds. boys! dance classes. photography. I'm just so excited! being on my own (well with roommates), doing what I want, setting my own routine. I cannot wait for that day.
and then a mission! that'll be awesome! if I could go anywhere, I'd love to go to temple square in utah, but of course I'll go wherever the Lord wants me to go.
and then cosmetology school. for a long time I thought I'd go in rexburg, but after today, I've thought about coming here to Provo. the people are sweet.. idk it's an option.

I'm kinda rambling now, but church was just really good today. hard, tearful (silently tearful) but good. I needed it. hopefully efy is the same this week. I need it..
I miss you already babe. a lot.. I love you. yeah..
the future is daunting, but exciting. it's weird how everything works out, but I can't wait til it does.

I hope everyone has a great week! I am definitely going I try. be happy!

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