Sunday, September 9, 2012


so this year i have the fabulous opportunity to be part of the yearbook class.
well. mostly fantastic.
it's gotten better.. but hey! i guess it could be worse!

anywho! it's great because i really get to learn/practice more on my photography skills! it's great! :) as a class, last week we had the opportunity to go to a yearbook conference Jostens (our publisher) set up and attend a few sessions of either writing or photography. i went to both the beginning and the advanced photo classes, and i loved it!!
our teacher was mike mclean who is typically an outdoor photographer. not landscape, but people out door. he has a unique view of the world, just like everyone else. but it was a lot of fun to learn from him.
anyway. most important things i learned:
be spontaneous
see as the camera sees
fill the frame!
keep the subject occupied
I NEED A SENSOR CLEANER! oh and filters. just uv ones. need. now.
off brand lenses are not a bad thing, as long as they're compatible
meter modes
there are some really cool things you can do with zoom!!
again SPONTANEOUS!! have fun:)

i loved it! can't wait to learn more!

"good photographers go to ordinary events and bring back extraordinary photographs."


ps. i need to clean my sensor. there are dust spots in the camera:( ill do that soon! hopefully tomorrow and we can start seeing photos up here again!

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