Monday, April 8, 2013

a testimony

This past weekend was fully and completely amazing for me. I know what I am doing with my life now! I understand my Heavenly Father's love for me. I know that He gives strength to ALL who seek it. No matter who you are. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is our brother. "The best big brother ever," as a dear friend Aubrey once said. He really is the best! He gave His life so we could gain eternal salvation. We do have prophets today. The scriptures, oh my goodness. AMAZING! I love to study my scriptures. They are calming and eye opening. The Book of Mormon is true. The Bible and Book of Mormon are companions in their testament of Christ our Savior. I LOVE THIS CHURCH! I have so much to learn. So so much. But even as a beautiful, strong, unwavering tree grows from a tiny seed, so can my testimony.

live a happy life!

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