Sunday, May 12, 2013

prom, round 2

so prom was definitely like a month ago, but oh well. Life gets busy, and I have to update eventually! so here are the hair styles I did that day!

 she changed it a little from her original idea, which means I have more to learn! but it turned out cute anyway:)
 I love her hair all ombre right now. It looked fabulous all curled!
 She looked so pretty! her hair is soooo long. It's gorgeous!
 5-strand braid. Simple enough that she could play with it, but out of her face enough, it worked. cute!
 She looked so pretty. I kiiiinda made this up while I was working on her hair. Turned out way adorable! She is also beautiful with beautiful hair. That helps. A lot. haha
 She had the idea from a picture online, and it looked great with her hair! Lovely!
 haha she was excited her hair looked so full! It looked great with her dress. Very classy!
My favorite from the year. She looked amazing, and her hair was just pretty and worked fabulously. So glad I could work with it this year!

I love to do hair so much! I plan to eventually attend cosmetology school. So it is always great practice to do everyone's hair for prom. Each of these princesses looked great! Thanks for letting me do it!

xoxo Kay <3

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