Sunday, February 12, 2012

the sky is the limit

soo, i was going to title this "reach for the sky" but then i thought of woody from toy story and he thats what he says when he's reach for the gun at his hip.. so i figured "sky is the limit" sounded a little nicer:) haha

anywho. this post isnt about a specific event. it's not really about any one. it's kinda just.. for me i guess.

this week has had its ups and downs of course. things happen. life gets crazy. and when it does, its easy to break down. sometimes its hard to hold back the tears. and i find it easy to look down on my self, and it doesnt seem like any thing is worth it..

but thats why i have my camera:)

i find that when things are the most difficult, the most stressful, my camera is my escape (aside from my best friends) that allows me to just find myself. i find myself looking at everything as if i was trying to find the perfect picture. and i constantly look towards the sky. there's something about how it's never the same shade of blue, the clouds change shape, the way the sun paints the sky different colors throughout the day. it's just beautiful and endless.

thats how i want my life to be. beautiful and endless. its how i see everyone else's life. everyone around me is so beautiful, each unique and changing. its kind of hard to find that in myself. but i'm going to strive for it, like i strive to find the perfect shot. and i'll keep going on and on until i find that beautiful and endless life. i'll have my adventures, my rough spots, but i think if i remember to just keep looking up, reaching for the sky, i'll find that the sky isn't the limit. there are footprints on the moon.

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