Sunday, February 26, 2012

kasey cakes:)

soo i know this is the second post for the day but in a way michelle's was kinda like the update for last week, so this one is really today's :D haha sorry that's a little confusing but that's okayy!

my dearest darlingest kasey deserves this post. she and i have worked countless hours in wrestling matches in the Miracle Worker, dance dance dance in Oklahoma, and many hours to come im sure. I am sooo grateful i had the opportunity to get to know her this year! she is wonderful and near to my heart.
we've been through a lot in this show. missing music, plans A-D, youTube videos, sore muscles, exciting lifts, talkers, teaching, extra hours on the weekends, rough days and great ones.

 bahaha that's cute;) honestly one of my faves though!

But thats what this show is all about! it's enduring and looking back at a fabulous learning experience. it's having that one (my lovely kasey) that knows what to say and teaches me so much. kasey has taught me soo so much about dance and enjoying what you can; sacrifice and growth. i am soo so grateful for my darling kasey.
to all of our time together and much more to come. keep dancing darling<3

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