Sunday, July 29, 2012

efy (finally)

hooray! 5 weeks late. i know, but it's been a busy summer!

alright so efy was fantastic. emotional, tearful, loud, crazy, fun. but fantastic:) i learned a lot, loved my councilors, had a blast with jaz. sad it's my last year, but we had fun:)

here's the pics and more thoughts. enjoy<3

these are our lovely councilors, Jenn and Scott. Jenn was so helpful in jazzy's little hair dying adventure;) and she was so much fun! i loved the spirit she brought and the fun we all had together.
Scott was great. he knew when to be serious, and when to be silly. he especially liked my "happy hungry dance" haha. oh and i was his favorite ginger for the week:D
hehe they were so great! i am so grateful that i had the chance to meet them:)

bahaha soooo jazzy had this really faint pink streak in her hair. it used to be bright bright hot pink, but it had significantly faded by the time efy came around. still, haha we had to dye it. we had fun though;) perfect match on the hair dye, turned out perfect! haha it was definitely a fantastic adventure!!

 awww our girlies: savannah,mikaela, dakoda, kim, jasmine, jennifer, kenyon, kirie, hannah, kate, me:) we had soooo much fun together! random dancing, laughing, just plain fun always. i couldn't have asked for better ladies to meet:)

oohh kate and hannah. they were definitely super fun to be around! i just had tons of goofy pics of them and couldn't help it! haha

pizza night dance partyy!!! yeahhhh!!

 our boyyss!! aww we couldn't have asked for a sweeter group! scott, seth, john, ryan, alex, eli, james, hayden, spencer, duncan, charles. all week we had soo much fun! with the scottish game thing and escorting and interpretive dancing (on my part) and taking pictures. i had soo much fun! aww miss them all!


alright so here the guys were being goof balls and acting all girly with their ankles crossed and everything, except we hardly ever got one picture where they were all looking! they would put their head down, or look to see who else was being added to the group. it was pretty funny!


well then spencer tried to roll across everyone, which scott pushed him one way and then all the other guys were leaving so spencer just kinda gave up;)

 annnd then they dog piled him. boys are so crazy!!

 so there were some pretty important people in our session this week. 
{{far left}} celeste helped us get hair dye and always brought a smile to our faces, no matter when we saw her. she made the whole day just fabulous no matter what! i absolutely loved her positive attitude and sweet spirit! 
{{center}} COLETTE! oh my goodness, so this is one of my previous bishop's daughters. it was so fun to see her! she is so sweet and i just loved saying hello every once in a while!
{{far right}} spencer. pretty much he wore pink and it went with these other photos;) but he was super cool too!

she needs to be a model. end of sentence. oh goodness jasmine, you're gorgeous!

aaand of course our crazy times together! sorry some are cut off, but i love my jasmine! we had such a great time together. she's the best. shopping, crying, laughing, screaming {a lot}, singing, bathroom dance parties, hair doing, running, sharing clothes, just. us. being crazy. as usual;) I LOVE YOU GIRL!!! washington is toooo far away!

well that was my week! sorry it's so late. MORE TO COME I PROMISE!!<3

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