Sunday, July 29, 2012

short hikes and high fives

{{4/5!!!}} soooo natalie asks if we'd like to go on a hike saturday, so of course we're all for it.
seriously the longest, hottest walk ever. it was fun! definitely! i just need to remember to pack more water next time! it was so hott! but by we finally got to the shaded area, the rocks and little stream running through, was amaaaazing! we stayed there for 2 hours or so, just laying around and throwing rocks at each other and laughing when nat fell in the water;) eating, talking politics and school and biking {we really are random people} haha we had so much fun!

the walk back was looong, but everyone enjoyed themselves. devin thinks im a crazy driver {it's not my fault sometimes when you need to change lanes, you just have to pretend you're a california driver!} and phillip probably thinks we're boring people. but that's okay!

the real reason i had to go was to take pictures;) but it was super cute so it worked out anyway! this is by far my favorite! someday, after i learn wonderful things in college, i want to be a wedding/engagement photographer. really. just putting that out there.

so after this hike/sit/walk thing, we came home. rhiannon and phillip went home, nat and devin to a movie. nathan and i went swimming! hahah he launched rachel and i off of his shoulders which was fun! but i always felt like i was too heavy;) anywho, after swimming and showing off cartwheels and handstands, we headed to dinner. La Villa {i think} is DELICIOUS! oh my goodness yummm! and then we headed to the dance where we surprisingly had a fantastic time! hhaha looots of high fives. it's kinda our thing, thanks to shay. haha i'm super excited for this year! i can tell the three of us our going to be fantastic friends:) ahh! and i love how we know how to help and be there for others. we are awesome;)
sooo turned out to be a fun day! cant wait to celebrate a certain person's birthday coming upp. it's gonna be great! hehe

yayy! alright one more:) AND THEN I'M CAUGHT UP!!

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