Sunday, July 29, 2012

young women's camp

6 years. it's been 6 years, summer after summer, one week at young women's camp. it's crazy how fast time flies! it was a great week! hard, scary, trying, but great. i learned soo much and am so grateful for the experience.

first of all, our theme was ARMY Strong: A Righteous Mormon Youth. super fun. everyone loved it. and our stage was just lovely. silhouettes and the blue sky. i loved it:)

we had fun together. our group of YCL2's (Youth Camp Leader's, second level) are so close and support eachother 100 percent. i really felt that this week. we had fun with shadow puppets and weird faces, screaming, laughing, bathroom trips, dinner.. so great. i love them and will miss each of them dearly!

i think though that some of the most important lessons i learned were these:
you choose to be offended. therefore choose not to be. when you think everyone loves you, you're so much happier!
make sure the water is turned on before you decide to take a shower. and always turn the stage lights off. that solves lots of water issues.
surround yourself with amazing friends who will do whatever it takes to help you in emergencies.
who's parachute am i helping to pack? and more importantly, am i grateful to those who are packing mine?
3 minutes of scripture study is better than none.
eat when you know you need to, even if you don't feel hungry. always.
europe sounds a lot more fun than tracy.
laughing doesn't necessarily burn calories. kasie thinks she can prove that;)
there are some people you just need in your life. keep them close.
have the courage to act on a prompting. it usually is the right thing to do, as scary as it seems.
married people are so cute.
patty thought she was locked in the freezer a few years ago. making up a skit about it was even funnier;)
a letter sprayed with cologne definitely stays smelling that way.
lichen. maybe;)
do what is right! always move forward! prepare!
we take our showers at home for granted way too often!
as much as i want to be a big girl and be on my own, i still need my momma. i love her very much.

it was a good week. i am grateful to be home. but honestly, i hope i can go back next year. it's a special place, camp is.

to the girls i love dearly, i wish you the best! love you<3

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