Monday, August 27, 2012

daddy-daughter days

it was that time of year again: daddy daughter camp out. not always appealing, but this year was way different. we were by the beach, fantastic food, friends, sweet girls, camp fire. just so much fun:)

so one of dad's favorite activities is skim-boarding. {{pretty much you ride a mini surfboard like thing on the shore line at the beach. or in the backyard on tarps if you are my dad.}} and actually it's his favorite activity in the summer which is off snowboard season {{duh}} ANYWAY! he loves it.

i, on the other hand, do not like being wet. or cold. well, wet AND cold is more like it. so i am perfectly content taking pictures on the sand and not be in the water. it was a really neat experience this time though because the best waves were friday night, so i had the opportunity to experiment with my camera and figure out how to get the best pictures. so! hope you liked them:)

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