Sunday, August 19, 2012

goodbye summer

summer was toooooooo short this year!! i had a fun time though!
to wrap up the summer, the girls and i made an AMAZING FORT! seriously, amazing. well i guess first we went to ihop, and i spilled my water all over the table. our waitress asked if i wanted a kids cup:P but we had fun there! THEN the fort, and we watched the lorax! such a cute movie:) it was great! wrapped up in the tie blankets we made the other day, lounged around in pjs. it was fantastic!

i also got my schedule, which i love!
1st: AP Psychology {{i really like the teacher! it's going to be great}}
2nd: Econ/Amer Gov't {{seriously this teacher is wonderful. blessing to us all}}
3rd: Yearbook {{hopefully can improve my picture skills this year!}}
4th: Adv. Drama {{we'll see...}}
5th: TA {{it's an honors geometry class, but it's been so fun because he's my favorite teacher ever and i get to grade some of the calc work and i like grading my friend's work}}
6th: AP Lit {{another we'll see...}}

2nd lunch with some amazing friends, no classes with nathan, or lunch, but i am really excited for this year. i'm excited for it!

and that's pretty much it. ready for the school year! hope you are too:)

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