Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 & 2013

2012 was definitely not the easiest year for me. being honest here. but whatever. life moves on! there are of course the sweet moments, the happy ones, but that's what's on the rest of this blog. today I want to talk about 2013! because looking forward and up is soo much BETTER than looking back.

so that's that. 2013. Things I'm looking forward to:
finding out if I made it into BYUI! crossing my fingers!
MISSION PAPERS! yes. please. but I'm scheduling my interview with the bishop when I find out about college. that's what I've decided.
graduation. enough said.
that's about it for now! haha I'm keeping it simple. or trying to.

Some goals:
drink 3 glasses of water each day (I have these 16 ounce cups I drink from. I think that'll be good for me)
enjoy the last show!
make the most of my family time.
be closer to my Heavenly Father.
smile more, worry less.
be happy!
and take a photograph of something every day! I have a schedule for this month:) what I've decided is that since I'm obviously reaaally bad at updating, I will post the photos every sunday for the week. tell a little about my life, and hopefully this will be something people might enjoy!

here's my photo schedule
I'm very excited actually! hopefully it goes well, and maybe it will go throughout the whole year!

2012 is past and 2013 is the future. If I keep walking forward I know I'll make it.

loves always<3

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