Monday, January 28, 2013

a day at home

I didn't feel fantastic today, or yesterday. Or the day before that.. but that's alright:) just means I stay home!
I decided to go on facebook. Now for the record, I'm not all that huge of a fan of facebook. People just post silly things sometimes, and then other times, I really miss people. And lately I've been missing my shotgun girl.

This is my Jasmine. She and I have a wonderful relationship. We might be over 700 miles apart, but we're still the best of friends. It's been a long time since I've seen her.. But that's alright we've got enough memories to get us through. She's even more grown up and beautiful now since I saw her last July. She's got a job, wanting to go on a mission, boyfriend. All that fun stuff. And she's got new friends, and so do I. But we're still best friends at heart. Honestly, that's what matters most.

Thank you Jaz, for all you ever do. You're wonderful and amazing<3 Stay strong! I love you!!

Always, your bluejeans,

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