Monday, March 18, 2013

late night distractions

eeep! okay so I started out with the intent of submitting my scholarship application, then heading to bed. but oh my goodness why would I do that when there are so many things to look at on the BYU-I website? Goodness gracious I am so stinking excited for college! Looking at rooms, laptop rental (because I want to go on a mission first) classes, work opportunities. I am just so excited and happy! I can't even contain myself! It's 11:25 on a school night, but I don't even care! I just know this is the right decision. I feel it.

I still want to go on a mission first of course:) actually, one thing I'm really looking forward to is getting my endowments, being able to go to the temple. I just. ahh it's so special. I am so excited:)

I've had a lot of trials come up in my life, and sometimes they're so difficult, I just don't know what to do anymore. But I know that as I rely on the Lord, He will get me through. It's sometimes hard to knock on the door, but it makes things easier when you do. The same will go for college and missions. I just know that I am to look to Him. He will guide me through and help me grow.

BYU-I bound
but most importantly
hooray hooray hooray!

love always!

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  1. I love this! I remember feeling the way you do. You will love BYUI and you will be an awesome missionary. I am so proud of your faith!
    I too am excited to go through the temple and take out my endowments. What a nice day that will be.
    Thinking of you, you are such a good girl.