Tuesday, March 12, 2013

writing on a wall

it's a been a while, and this will be a pretty serious post. but I think it's worth writing.

So on Friday, there was writing found in a bathroom stall that [from what I understand] was a threat to the school. Administration took action and involved the local police department. The PD found no immediate threat. Rumors began to spread on social media sites. Now there is a fear that tomorrow there will be in danger with a possible shooting [according to rumors].

I will admit, this is fairly frightening. However, I feel that we are pretty safe tomorrow. Our administration wouldn't ask us to come to school if we weren't going to be safe. We have plenty of police officers that will be there tomorrow and we have teachers who know how to protect us in case of a lock down. I pray that we will be safe and that whomever this was, their heart may be softened. I have faith in the Lord that we will be protected.

I believe that we need to be aware of the rumors that we listen to and spread ourselves. More importantly, I want to point out something my English teacher pointed out today. We need to be aware of how we interact with other people. Words really can hurt other people. But so can the things we don't say. Everyone is important. We don't know and likely don't understand any one's story but our own. Not everyone has great parents, home life may suck, or they have no home. We don't understand. We just don't. And sometimes we just need to reach out and smile. Say hello. Let people know we genuinely care. People need that. We need that, I need that, you need that. The real message in the writing on the wall wasn't that we're all going to die. It was that someone out there needs a friend. Someone feels that their life is so awful, so terrible that they feel the need to just be done with watching everyone else walk by and end it. I hope I'm not one of those people.

I say we need to show others we care. It's a simple as a smile.

Tomorrow, I pray that whoever needs a friend will be found. So that we may show them the love that they need is here. It's in us. It's in you. It's in me. We are the love. Cheesy as it sounds, I am. The world isn't going to change tomorrow. But one person can change a life. And life and love is the world.

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  1. Well written. And it's true; everyone is fighting a personal battle, so we need to be mindful of how we treat others. You really never know who needs friend, you might as well treat everyone as such. Stay safe! Love you!