Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a little break here and there

we're about {this} close to spring break! but that also means projects, homework, sugar headaches and late nights:P oh well! we're about 40 (school) days away from graduation! whoo! oh boy I cannot wait!
I pretty much just needed a break from Psychology research. had too many jelly beans {{honestly though, 1 jelly bean is too much for me}} so I kind of have a headache, but I'm hoping a little break might help to make it go away!

I'm researching the psychology behind business and photography, which is really interesting to me! as I was researching, I was looking at how to find a distinct style and such. and I started to think about mine. I really love light, especially backlight. I know that's hard to capture sometimes, but I love the way it brings reflection, silhouettes, and just fun! {{I also love personality in photos, but right now I'm talking light}} so I've decided to start focusing on that a bit. Light.

here are a few examples of mine.

Raindrops on the Window

This one is definitely my favorite. I call it "A Streetlamp Named Desire" yes that's a play on words. No I have not read the play. I just like the title. And in my case, I realized a desire I had {photographing light} because of the rain, the window, and the lamp across the street. I'm actually kind of excited! I have a few photos with people in them as well, but I need to upload them and stuff. I'll get that done soon:)

The next thing I would love to learn is photoshop. But I'm holding off on getting a decent program until post mission, mid college, so that I know what's best and how I can use it to my full potential.

I have a lot to learn, but I'll make it through!

well, goodnight<3

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