Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Yeah hard times will be there- that won’t change. Hard times will consistently be there. But so will Christ. And with Him are we able to overcome & conquer.

There are some days that are more difficult than others. I've been through a lot and sometimes it's hard to get over it. Days seem dark, lonely. But oh my goodness how I love Al Fox. She is a convert to the Church, baptized about three years ago. She has wholly and completely put her faith in God. She has come so far in life. She speaks to youth groups and uplifts all those who hear her words. She is so sweet and cute and fun. She is engaged to her best friend Ben, and I am so happy for her. She has become an light and inspiration to uplift me in the darkest time. I know that Heavenly Father is real and answers prayers because she answers prayers for me in all of her blog posts (wow I'm tearing up!)

I love Al Fox, even though I do not know her personally. She is my spiritual sister, and I am grateful that I have been able to see her grow. I hope life blesses her with all things wonderful!

Thank you Al for your inspiration. I aspire to be someone who's faith is as strong as yours, who's love is as deep as yours, who's light brightens all those around it. You are beautiful and amazing. Stay shining bright!<3
Take a few minutes to check out her blog. It's wonderful<3

xoxo Kay

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