Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the craziest day of my life

{{sorry this is like a week and a half late, but hope you enjoy!!}}
started at 8:00 and didn't stop til 4:30. prom. i, being me which includes insane amounts of crazy, decided to do hair all day. and although it was long and tiring, it was so fun. i love hearing how much the person loves it, how they feel pretty. that's why i do what i do. not because of money or anything, because i love hearing how happy and excited they are. that is what makes me happiest. thats what i love.

i figured some of you might want to see my handy work from throughout the day, so here it is:)

 Tayler: 2 waterfall braids and 1 french braid to pull it all to one side. Her own idea and it turned out great!:)

 Rebekah: inspired by a Carrie Underwood red-carpet look, we curled her hair and bobby pinned it all to one side. Looked good!:)

 Crysta: for this one, we fancied up a cute messy bun by curling the top layer and adding a braid. Perfect for her and great for the night:)

 Catrina: inspired by Taylor Swift's "Love Story" music video, we twisted and bobby pinned piece after piece (there were at least 100 bobby pins in her hair) and the final product looked so gorgeous:)

Katie: another Taylor Swift inspired style with tighter curls and a lady more gorgeous than Taylor (if i do say so myself;) She looked positively beautiful. She was so happy.. AHH! Lovely:)

Dela: okay. This bun turned out positively PERFECT! It was nearly symmetrical, and didn't move the whoooole night (after hairspray and bobby pin galore, i'm not surprised;) Perfect!!:)

 Michelle: Loose curls and 2 waterfall braids that connected in the back. Soft and elegant look. She looked wonderful:)

Kasey: her hair took me about 10 minutes since we did it 8 million times for the show (hopefully a post about that coming up soon by the way!) teased, curled, and then i took her pictures. She looked so sexy;) haha it was way fun!:)

Me: hehe i didnt go to prom, i was too busy doing this all day;) so my lovely nathan brought me twizzlers and rasberry lemonade to keep me going. He's the best!!:)

SOOOO that was my day! everyone looked positively gorgeous! i loved how everyone felt so beautiful, and i am grateful for what an experience it was! Thanks to everyone who let me do it, and thanks for the support everyone!!<3

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