Tuesday, April 10, 2012


since we didnt go to the school's prom this year, we decided to make one of our own.. sorta:)
Nathan and I wanted it to be a big, fun group so we invited Rhiannon, AJ, Shayli, and Hunter to come with us. First of all, i drove. Ohh the perks of having your license for a year;) we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner... and dessert (of course) soooo yummy!! We were all stuffed by the end of it! Then we went to the temple and took some pictures there. Precious:) We were going to go to Fenton's for ice cream, but we were still full from dinner haha. So we went back to Shay's and watched a movie.
It was a fantastic night. No awkward moments, simple, casual, and just fun! I'm so grateful for the friends i have and the time we spend together:)

Here's a few pictures. Enjoy!

 the Oakland, California LDS Temple

the porsche. bahaha of course we had to stop and check it out;)

Rhiannon and AJ! haha fun as friends:) they went with the flow and just were crazy and fun together. LOVED IT! :)

Shayli and Hunter. SOO precious<3 they are so cute together!! AHH! adorable:)

The Group: Nathan, Me(Kaylene), AJ, Rhiannon, Hunter and Shayli. Standing in front of the statue of our Savior:) So grateful for the experience we had that night!

Thanks everyone for an unforgettable night<3

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