Tuesday, April 17, 2012


soo this is what like a million years late?;) we ended the show end of march. hahah oh well!
{{plus i promised kasey i'd post and she'll bug me about it til i do;) just sayin}}

ooh where do i begin? hmmm i was not super stoked about this show. the story line wasn't my favorite, no character really stood out to me, i just didn't know really what to do. i wanted to be a part of it of course {{uhh been there since day one, no way i was missing out now}} but i didn't know how.
til kasey. and boy do i owe her!
DANCE DANCE DANCE! seriously one of the craziest (yet wonderful) experiences of my life. as a tag-team choreographer dynamic duo
 {{OH MY GOODNESS SIDE NOTE! we're making dynamic duo shirts for grease auditions. i have just decided! AHH!! ohkay:D}} 
duo, we created choreography (or at least a part of the choreography) for all the dance numbers in the show (The two that had no dancing we obviously didn't do) and as crazy as ensamble was, the extra exhausting hours we put in, lack of communication and listening skills, NO MUSIC (which is kiinda important for dancee), last minute fill in, and just everything crazy that happened, we had fun just dancing and teaching and being ourselves. it really was a great experience.
{{AHH!! we should get fun tights or spandex too! oh my gosh! ahh!!!}}
sooo here are some of my favorite pictures from the show. enjoy!

{left} crazy faces! {center} pretty much the look we've had since day 1;) {right} they're so precious

{top left} because she never allows me to take pictures of her, i got the cold shoulder AND the tongue that day;) {top center} darling girl im going to miss so much next year! {top right} beautiful katie whom was amazing at tech!! {bottom} the picture that pretty much describes us 100%: im bored, are you serious? I dont care, duhhh, shoot me now, im pretending im listening i swear, sleeeep! hahahahha 

awww as crazy as it was, i'm glad it happened. look for our names in the program next year! the dynamic duo!! :D love ya kasey!

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